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Lying For Darwin: Faitheist Dr Michael Zimmerman Caught Quote Mining Answers in Genesis

April 25, 2010


Recently, our old friend Dr Michael Zimmerman wrote a piece for the liberal Huffington Post called The Danger of Ignoring Creationism [April 15, 2010] in which he grossly misrepresented the well-known Creation ministry, Answers in Genesis. In his zeal to defame AiG, Zimmerman quoted AiG out-of-context [a tactic known as quote mining]:

“Back in 1987 Ham published an article entitled “Creationism: Cure for AIDS?” in which he concluded that “the spread of AIDS can be stopped — by simply rejecting false evolution.” In an even more extreme move, Ham and Answers in Genesis opted to commemorate the fifth anniversary of 9/11 by running ads in the Cincinnati Inquirer and in Christianity Today laying the attack at the feet of evolution.

Ham and his lot are clearly extremists, so why should we care what they do or say? Wouldn’t we be better off simply ignoring them?”

Well, Answers in Genesis called him to the mat on his deceptive misrepresentation. In a blog post on Around the World with Ken Ham called The Rest of the Story – Exposing Misquotes by an Atheist Professor, Ken Ham efficiently demonstrates how Zimmerman was willing to defame AiG by knowingly misquoting them to push his evolutionary agenda. I encourage you to read Ham’s revealing post, keeping in mind that Zimmerman is the founder of the Clergy Letter Project, which is dedicated to the proposition that evolution and Christian religion are compatible, then ask yourself why an atheist so interested in whether evolution and RELIGION are compatible when he himself  has admitted:

Personally, I have no religious faith. I can’t get my head around how people can believe in a deity. However, I am perfectly willing to understand that others do. It doesn’t work for me but I have no problem recognizing that it might work for you, that you have different insights than I do. I’m not convinced it’s any better than my insights; I’m not convinced it’s any worse. As long as you don’t force me to accept yours I’m not going to force you to accept mine. [emphasis mine]”

My opinion? Zimmerman is duplicitous. He has a vested interest in making sure that atheistic evolution is taught exclusively in public schools. As a result, he’s doing [and saying] whatever he has to to get the job done.

One of his more common tactics is to paint traditional Christianity as “narrow fundamentalist extremists” and those who compromise Biblical authority as broad-minded mainstream Christendom instead of the modernist liberals they are.

While he feels justified in misrepresenting his enemies thus, he has notoriously thin skin when it comes to criticism.

I commented on Zimmerman’s blog after learning how he’d thus misrepresented his opponents:

“This is truly an irony!

Answers in Genesis has just demonstrated that atheist Dr Zimmerman is perfectly willing to lie about his opposition and quote mine them to push his evolutionary propoganda:

Yet in an email exchange we had recently, Dr Zimmerman stated that he no longer thought of our discussion as productive because he didn’t like my tone, he didn’t like my criticisms of his probable motives for the Clergy Letter and, get this, he thought I was MISREPRESENTING him. And here he is, caught with his pants down, definitely misrepresenting Answers in Genesis.

Consider the source, guys!

Rev Tony Breeden

The botton line is this: Why should we EVER trust Zimmerman when he claims that evolution and religion are compatible if he has no problem lying to us when it will help him score points?

Think about it.

The most ironic part is that my last missive in our most recent [and likely final] email exchange [referenced in the comment above] ended with this warning:

“Here’s how it will end. You keep trying to deceive people with half-truths and outright lies [yeah, those clergy on your letter represent mainstream Christianity not liberal modernists who’ve rejected traditional Christendom along with Christianized cults like Unitarian Universalists. sure they do. And sure these guys have no problem with THEISTIC evolution but that’s not the kind of evolution you’ll be enforcing in school, eh?], equivocating science with evolution and claiming this is reeeeeeally just a religious war because no reeeeeeal scientist doubts Darwin because all reeeal scientists are evolutionists. Meanwhile, I’ll keep poking holes and letting the air out of your over-inflated claims and telling folks the truth.
You may not like how I do it, but you haven’t really been able to refute it very well either so excuse me if I’m not overly impressed with your thin-skinned bluster over my tone. We both know your motives are shady where your misappropriation of religion is concerned. Mine are out in the open. Maybe you can find a way to use that against me, but only because I’m not holding anything back and you’re hiding behind a mask of accomodationism when you full well know in your atheist heart that you can’t even begin to imagine why anyone would believe in God [you’ve admitted so in print] so we both know you think of religion as false, a social construct and God as a fairy tale.
We’ll see which prevails in the court of public opinion: my roughshod honesty or your honeyed duplicity.
Rev Tony Breeden
Click HERE for a deconstruction of atheist Dr Michael Zimmerman’s pro-evolution Clergy Letter Project, then come to and add your signature to a letter affirming true science and the historial veracity and authority of God’s revealed Word!”

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