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Ministry Overview

The Creation Letter (formerly was a non-profit, Christian ministry outreach of It was conceived of as a Biblical Creationist response to Michael Zimmerman’s pro-evolution Clergy Letter. Visitors can sign the Creation Letter affirming the literal, historical truth of God’s revealed Word and find information about how to celebrate a Creation Sunday instead of atheist Dr. Michael Zimmerman’s proposed Evolution Sundays.

The Creation Letter Project was authored and founded in December 2008 by Tony Breeden.

The aim of the projext was to combat the lie of evolution and Compromise Old Earth Creationism as popularized by Hugh Ross, BioLogos, and the Clergy Letter Project, while promoting the truth of Biblical Young Earth Creationism.

We had three specific objectives:

  1. To promote the celebration of a Creation Sunday instead of an Evolution Sunday, as proposed by the pro-evolution Clergy Letter Project, and to advertize local churches that will be celebrating a Creation Sunday on our Creation Sunday Celebrations page.
  2. To demonstrate that a greater number of clergy support a literal, historical 6-day Creation as related in Genesis rather than an interpretation which allegorizes the account to support evolutionary suppositions. The Clergy Letter Project boasts over 13,000 clergy signatures. We’d like to provide a resounding answer to that challenge on our Clergy for Creation page.
  3. To encourage Christians, especially ministers, to sign the Creation Letter as a means of demonstrating that most Christians do read Genesis literally, contrary to the claim of the Clergy Letter.

A decade after its founding, it was discontinued. The specific reasons for this decision were that the Clergy Letter Project had not grown significantly in influence since its initial founding, despite a minor boost in the so-called Year of Darwin, and that this site now contains more than ample evidence of Michael Zimmerman’s true motives to use liberal “Christians” who cannot even affirm the resurrection of Christ as useful idiots for his purposes.

If you have any questions, you may contact us at .

Press Releases

For our most recent Press Releases, click HERE

Official Websites:

Founder Bio was founded by Tony Breeden.

A few quick facts:

  • Tony Breeden is ordained through the Association of Fundamental Ministers & Churches, Inc. [8605 East 55th St. Kansas City,MO 64129].
  • Creationist speaker, author,  and Biblical apologist located in Saint Albans, WV.
  • Married, Father of 4

Contact Information

Media Photos & Pics

Founder, Rev Tony Breeden

Founder, Rev Tony Breeden, alternate pic



The Creation Letter is sponsored in part by the Kanawha Creation Science Group.

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  1. jOHN THOMAS permalink
    July 17, 2009 5:14 pm

    A book recently published on Amazon, “The Darwin Delusion” suggests that the Neanderthals were the descendants of Cain. Has anybody researched this to your knowledge?

  2. Sirius permalink*
    July 18, 2009 11:20 pm

    No, but I do believe that Nick Saint has done a bit of study which viably demonstrates that Australian Aborigines could be modern-day Neadertals based on skull homology.


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