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Pastors, Youth Pastors, Sunday School Teachers, Evangelists, Chaplains & Missionaries,

The Creation Letter needs your help on behalf of Bible-believing Christians everywhere!

The pro-evolution Clergy Letter Project currently has a list of over 12,600 ministers who affirm that evolution is true and that the Genesis record is a teaching myth like Aesop’s Fables. The Clergy Letter Project is often flaunted in the faces of Creationists to insinuate that we are merely a fringe element of Christianity, because there has not yet been an answer to their challenge. Our silence is used as an admission of our irrelevance.

Worse still, groups like the pro-evolution endorse the Clergy Letter Project and use it as if to say, “See, it’s just a few die hard fundamentalist Creationist abberations. The majority of Christian ministers believe in evolution and you should too!”  As Eugenie Scott, Director of the pro-evolution National Center for Science Education notes:

“I have found that the most effective allies for evolution are people of the faith community. One clergyman with a backward collar is worth two biologists at a school board meeting any day!” 

Eugenie Scott also recommends the tactic of sending children to their pastors when they have objections to evolution, because “sometimes they come back somewhat astonished, ‘Hey! Evolution is OK!'” Tellingly, she does not reccomend this tactic in areas where conservative Christianity dominates. She also recommended the following:

“[O]ne teacher presented students with a short quiz wherein they were asked, “Which statement was made by the Pope?” or “which statement was made by an Episcopal Bishop?” and given an “a, b, c” multiple choice selection. All the statements from theologians, of course, stressed the compatibility of theology with the science of evolution… By making the students aware of the diversity of opinion towards evolution extant in Christian theology, the teacher helped them understand that they didn’t have to make a choice between evolution and religious faith.”

The worst part is they’re just using us. They’ve gotten some of us to buy the lie of NOMA [non-overlapping magisteria], where science is science and religion is religion and never the twain shall meet, [Jesus refuted this concept in John 3:12] but they KNOW it’s a lie!

Evolutionist Bora Zivkovic admits : “Yes, NOMA is wrong, but is a good first tool for gaining trust. You have to bring them over to your side, gain their trust, and then hold their hands and help them step by step. … Better NOMA-believers than Creationists, don’t you think?”

Our children are the ones who suffer for such compromise of the plain meaning of Genesis. Statistics demonstrate that most children who are taught evolution as scientific fact reject religious truth wholesale. An estimated 70% of our children drop out of church when they gradutae from high school, many never to return.

It is disgusting that this modern-day Goliath gets to mock the people of God, flaunting the compromise of some of our ministers as if it represented the majority opinion, with no answer in kind. If they managed over 12,600 signatures, surely there are as many, if not more, who will stand up for Biblical Truth!We believe that there are a greater number of clergy who actually believe in a literal, historical 6-day Creation as related in Genesis.

 We are providing an opportunity for Young Earth Creationist clergy to answer the challenge that the Clergy Letter represents.

If you are a member of the clergy who believes in a literal 6-day Creation and you would like to have your name added to this list, simply Add your Signature at this link and indicate that you are a member of the clergy. For convenience sake, you can also Post a Comment to this page and we will add your name to this page and also add your name to the Clergy Letter itself.

Note: Because we doubt the authenticity of some of the “Christian” signatures on the Clergy Letter [because Michael Zimmerman allows Universalists, Unity cult members, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses and members of other organizations that are Christian in name only to sign his letter] and because we affirm the Biblical mandate to provide all things honest in the sight of all men, we ask that interested clergy affirm the following:

  1. A historical, literal 6-day Creation and a world-wide Noachim Flood
  2. The physical, literal death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ
  3. Agreement with the Apostle’s Creed
  4. The hypostatic union [That Christ was both fully God and fully man]
  5. The inerrancy and authority of Scripture
  6. That Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation

How to Sign

Simply post a Comment below including:

Your Name and/or Church or Ministry Name
An indication that you are a minister, including your prefered title [Pastor, Rev., Dr., etc]

All comments are moderated to keep this site troll-free, so your signature may not show up immediately!


Clergy for Creation Worldwide [85]


USA [25 States – 76 Clergy]

Arizona [2]

California [3]

Colorado [1]

Florida [7]

Georgia [3]

  • Michael L. Ford, Th.D., Jonsquill Ministries, Buchanan, GA – United States
  • Thomas Ward, D. Min, Former Pastor, Tallapoosa East Baptist Church, Buchanan, GA – United States
  • Walter D Hll, D. Min – former pastor and teacher at Covington Seminary, GA – United States

Indiana [5]

  • Dr. Ben Scripture, Teaching Elder, Bethany Fellowship, Warsaw, IN – United States
  • Dean Bowser, Pastor, Faith Baptist Church, Farmland, IN – United States
  • James B Haddix, Pastor, Grace Baptist Church, Terre Haute, IN – United States
  • Kimbal Binder, Youth Pastor, IN – United States
  • Roger Mantel, Pastor, New River Community Church, Aurora, IN – United States

Kansas [1]

  • Floyd Lee, Associate Minister, Faith Temple Church, Topeka, KS – United States

Michigan [4]

  • Tyler Leigeb, Pastor, Billings Bible Church, Beaverton, MI – United States
  • David M. Holly, Retired Pastor, Tecumseh, MI – United States
  • Jay Bailey, Pastor, Three Rivers Bible Church, Three Rivers, MI – United States
  • T. Eric Struble, Heritage Baptist Church, Manistee, MI – United States

Missouri [5]

  • Ivan Burgener, Pastor, Affton Grace Bible Church, St. Louis, MO – United States
  • Dr. Rod Butterworth, Director & President of the Creation Museum of the Ozarks, Branson, MO – United States
  • Mike Carner, Pastor, Seventh-day Adventist churches of Chillicothe, Gallatin, Marceline, & Marshall,  MO – United States
  • Rodney A. Wise, Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, Overland, MO – United States
  • Jess Leeper, Pastor, New Hope Assembly, Seymour, MO – United States

Nevada [1]

New Hampshire [2]

  • Harvey Coperley, Pastor, Lake Sunapee Baptist Church, Sunapee, NH – United States
  • Tony Feiger, Missionary to Dartmouth College, Campus Crusade for Christ, Hanover, NH – United States

New Jersey [1]

  • Steve Braun, Central Hunterdon Baptist Church, Flemington, NJ  – United States

New York [1]

  • Alex Smith, Pastor, Capital District International Church, Troy, NY – United States

North Carolina [5]

Ohio [5]

  • Dr. John R. Wood, Belmont Church of Christ, Dayton, OH – United States
  • Craig A Speicher, Itinerant Preacher, Dayton, OH – United States
  • Mark King, Father Heart Ministries, Belpre, OH – United States
  • Connie Tucker, Pastor/Director, Father Heart Ministries, Belpre, OH – United States
  • Michael Schneider, Pastor, Antwerp United Methodist Church, Antwerp, OH – United States

Oregon [1]

  • TK Murphy, Pastor, Heppner Christian Church, Heppner, OR – United States

Pennsylvania [1]

Tennessee [2]

  • Rod Shrader, Pastor, Gospel Tabernacle Baptist Church, Tullahoma, TN – United States
  • Kevin Logsdon, Chaplain, Truckstop Ministries, Knoxville, TN – United States

Texas [7]

Utah [1]

  • Cooper P Abrams III, Church planting missionary,, Tremonton, UT – United States

Virginia [6]

  • John L. Klink, Jr., Pastor, Healing Springs Baptist Church, Hot Springs, VA – United States
  • Dr. Donald H Alban, Sr, Liberty University, former Missionary to Brazil, Lynchburg, VA – United States
  • Kenneth F Sheets, Dean of Tabernacle Baptist Bible College & Theological Seminary, former pastor and church planter, Virginia Beach, VA – Unites States
  • Robert W Ford, VA – United States
  • Paul Cornelius, Director, Days of Noah Ministries, North Tazewell, VA – United States
  • Johnnie McGee DD, Bishop, Fullness In Christ Bible Church, Richmond, VA – United States

West Virginia [9]

  • Anthony W  Breeden, Nitro, WV – United States
  • Roger D Breeden, Charelston, WV – United States
  • Lloyd Keith, Mineral Wells, WV – United States
  • Terrence H. Williams, South Charleston, WV – United States
  • Randy Wilson, Esta Memorial Baptist Church, Charleston, WV – United States
  • Delbert Hawley, Rock Branch Independent Church, Nitro, WV – United States
  • Art Hage, Pastor, Hurricane Bible Church, Hurricane, WV – United States
  • Robbie Parsons, Nitro, WV – United States
  • Scott Bandy, Pastor, Twin City Bible Church, Nitro, WV – United States

Washington [1]

Wisconsin [2]

Wyoming [2]

  • Amo Stephens, Pastor, Community Baptist Church, Afton, WY – United States
  • Tommy Miller, Pastor, Faith Baptist Church, Cheyenne, WY – United States


7 International

Africa [1]

  • Kalu Ernest-Freeman, Pastor, Assemblies of God Nigeria, Warri, Delta State, Nigeria – Africa

Europe [3]

Canada [1]

  • Charles Hollingsworth, Pastor, Lakeside Baptist Church, Cold Lake, AB- Canada

Australia [2]

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  1. March 6, 2009 9:28 pm

    Creationism is not only anti-evolution. It is the very foundation for all that Christians believe. Even issues deemed “controversial” in society are clarified by either (or both) the design of God in His physical realm and His design as revealed in His Word. Preachers who do not see a great need today for creationism have their heads in the sand! The teaching of evolution has done irreparable damage in our society, and it can only be through exposing evolutionary lies that creationists can “prepare the soil” for society to once again see the Bible as authoritative. Let’s glorify our Maker and return science to its proper perspective!!

  2. June 17, 2009 11:39 am

    Dr. Ted Ridore
    Cornerstone Christian University (Distance Learning)
    Cornerstone Theological Seminary

    P.O. Box 585477, Orlando, Fl 32858
    Phone: (407) 295-4869
    Toll Free: 1(800) 214-1559
    email: doctorted@ccudl,com

  3. June 17, 2009 11:47 am

    Dennis Flanders, Ph.D.
    Creation Scientist
    620 112th Street SE, #170
    Everett, Washington 98208
    425. 512.9986(h) 425.985.9574(c)

    Teacher at:

    Family Life Center Foursquare Church
    4424 Chennault Beach Rd.
    Mukilteo, WA 98275

    I am also the Dean of the Creation Science Department at

    Cornerstone Christian University (Distance Learning)
    Cornerstone Theological Seminary

    P.O. Box 585477, Orlando, Fl 32858
    Phone: (407) 295-4869
    Toll Free: 1(800) 214-1559

  4. January 31, 2010 11:58 pm

    God made it all through Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory!

  5. April 24, 2010 8:12 am

    I am grateful to be included in a list of ministers that support the literal six-day creation of God. Our ministry is on the front line fighting for the truth of God’s Word, which is certainly not limited to the foundational belief in the Book of Genesis and a literal six-day creation. The theory of evolution (changing of one kind into another kind), is simply not compatible with the God of the Bible. It makes God out to be a cruel and bungling creator since everything happens by random chance, death and natural selection. May Christians understand that true science is confirming the Word of God, while evolution is it’s own god, with Darwin as it’s prophet.

  6. May 21, 2010 12:33 pm

    Knoxville, TN
    *Clergy for Creation

  7. Bishop Johnnie McGee, DD permalink
    June 5, 2010 4:57 pm

    I am grateful to be included in a list of ministers that support the literal six-day Bible creation account. I stand for the truth of God’s Word, which is certainly not limited to the foundational belief in the Book of Genesis and a literal six-day creation. All theory and that of evolution is simply not compatible with the God of creation. They are all lies from Satan We all must grow the back bone to stand against all such evil. Let God arise and His enemy flee with his lies.

    Fullness In Christ Bible Church
    8602 Staples Mill Road
    Richmond VA

  8. January 12, 2013 8:04 am

    Rev. Rick Faison
    Philadelphia Society for Creation Science

    Standing on the authority of the Word of God from the very first verse is essential to the Christian faith, to the foundational doctrines of Christianity and to the living out of a vibrant, effective Christian worldview. A literal Genesis is required for a literal gospel. Bravo to all who stand on a literal six-day creation account and the inerrancy of God’s magnificent Word.

  9. Dick Leppky, Breakthrough Apologetics & Discernment. permalink
    February 10, 2013 8:21 pm

    Genesis: You can choose God or reject Him and His Word. EvolutionISM is just another “rejection religion”

  10. Rev Jim Scaggs permalink
    November 6, 2013 10:23 am

    I serve a small Freewill Baptist Church in Sebring Fl.I just watched a so called minister from Elizabethton Tenn (via you tube)share with his children how evolution created us all.He used a fish puppet and explained how the fish grew special appendages and a few years later a 100,000 or so crawed out of the water and he claims we believe a fairy tale .Jim Scaggs Pastor Parkway Freewill Baptist Church Sebring Fl.

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