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Letters to Zimmerman

The following is quite literally a copy of the email exchanges I’ve had with atheist Dr Michael Zimmerman. After some contemplation I realized that my readers and supporters might benefit from reading and examining this exchange, especially in how he responds [or often doesn’t respond] to objection and how he allows one to hold a false view of him so long as it is beneficial [and so long as it’s me under a false impression when he hasn’t actually lied].

March 2009 – I initiate our first email exchange by pointing out some statistical problems with the Clergy Letter Project, especially the inclusion of Unitarian Universalist signatures on the Christian version of the Clergy Letter [when a separate letter exists for UU signatures] and various cults besides. This inflation of numbers is still not corrected. I also asked him if he or those who signed the Clergy Letter could affirm some basics of the Christian faith.

October 2009 – Still under the false impression that he might be a Christian, I ask Dr Zimmerman how he can possibly cooperate with such an antireligious organization as the Center For Inquiry in light of the Biblical command aganist being “unequally yoked.”

March 2010 – I ask Dr Zimmerman once more to clarify his beliefs to see whether he can even affirm basic Christian beliefs.

April 2010 – My last correspondence with Dr Michael Zimmerman

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