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Is Belief In Alien Life Harmless? Why Creationists Are Wrong About Aliens And The Bible

October 11, 2015

Defending Genesis

“The thought that aliens might be living on other planets may sound innocent enough. But lurking underneath are some deep theological dangers.”

This little blurb begins Dr. Danny Faulkner’s article, “Is Belief in Alien Life Harmless?” in the Oct/Dec 2015 issue of Answers magazine. It lets us know right from the start where the article is heading. No surprises. Little green men are bad for the Bible.

Dr. Faulkner’s conclusion is just as starkly bleak for Christians who love science fiction:

“So while alien visitations might have a fun place in frivolous fiction, the heart-felt belief that life really does exist elsewhere can have eternal ramifications.”

As a science fiction author, I had to know what he had sandwiched in between these statements to support his claim.

Dr. Faulkner begins by referring to a 2012 Kelton Research survey of a random sample of 1114 Americans adults. Of those…

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