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Evolution Is NOT Foundational Science

Creation Clergy Letter Project Fact Sheet: Evolution is Not Foundational Science

Evolution is…

…Not foundational to science. Observable, testable, repeatable science has given us many discoveries and innovations. Some well-meaning Christians have conflated the theory of evolution with such science and believe the lie that molecules-to-man evolutionism is a foundational scientific truth upon which rests much of human knowledge and achievement. Yet most of the disciplines within science, even within biology itself, were founded before Darwin or by scientists, like Mendel, Owens and Agassiz who actually rejected his theory. Creationists today continue to practice normal, experimental science without need of evolution.

…Not supported by biology. Darwin believed that natural selection was a creative mechanism that facilitated fish-to-philosopher evolution; however, it is now acknowledged that few mutations are beneficial and none add the genetic information required of Darwin’s theory. Instead, natural selection is a conservative process that weeds out harmful mutations but allows survival adaptations within created kinds, so that a dog is still a dog, be it a wolf, a German shepherd or a teacup poodle.

…Not supported by the fossil record. The fossil record still fails to yield the innumerable transitional forms predicted by his theory. A century and a half later, we have only a handful of dubious candidates which could as well be mosaics like the platypus as true transitional forms.

…The only thing that truly evolves. Since real, experimental science stubbornly fails to validate its claims, it must continue to adapt itself to avoid falsification. The Modern Synthesis [MS], Neo-Darwinism, suggested that genetics would be the key, but the cell has turned out to be an impossibly complex world of molecular machines containing a mind-boggling amount of information, encoded in our DNA. This level of information and complexity suggests intelligent design, not blind evolution. Undaunted, evolutionists will unveil the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis, [EES] or Post-Darwinism in 2009 to further adapt this failed theory.

…Sustained by indoctrination. Evolutionists use public schools to soft-sell evolution as “change over time,” even though they realize this definition is void for vagueness. They use this bait-and-switch technique, using vague or slippery terms, to sell the “Big Idea” of evolution to impressionable young minds because they know that most kids who are taught evolution as scientific truth reject religious truth wholesale. As documented in Ben Stein’s eye-opening Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, evolutionists also actively suppress evidence against their theory, use imaginative speculation to overcome difficulties and persecute dissenters.

Biological Sciences Established Before Darwin or By Scientists Rejecting His Theory

  • Andreas Vesalius – Anatomy, 1514-1564
  • William Harvey – Physiology, 1578-1657
  • Francesco Redi – Microbiology, 1626-1697
  • John Ray – Botany, 1627-1705
  • Anton van Leeuwenhoek – Microbiology, 1632-1705
  • Robert Hooke – Microbiology, 1635-1703
  • Carolus Linnaeus – Systematics, 1707-1778
  • Lazzaro Spallanzani – Reproductive Biology, 1729-1799
  • Caspar Friedrich Wolff – Embyology, 1734-1794
  • Georges Cuvier – Paleontology, 1769-1832
  • Karl Ernst von Baer – Embryology, 1792-1876
  • Richard Owen – Comparative Biology, 1804-1892
  • Louis Agassiz – Zoology, 1807-1873
  • Gregor Mendel – Genetics, 1822-1884
  • A Biologist Comments on Evolution:

    “This situation, where scientific men rally to the defense of a doctrine they are unable to define scientifically, much less demonstrate with scientific rigor, attempting to maintain its credit with the public by the suppression of criticism and the elimination of difficulties, is abnormal and unwise in science.”
    -Prof. W.R. Thompson, F.R.S., “Introduction” to Darwin’s Origin of the Species, J.M. Dent and Sons, 1956.

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