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Defending Genesis bulletin inserts:

To help churches promote the Summer of Creation, we created a 13-week series of FREE downloadable resources that can be slipped into your church bulletins. Origionally, these were dated items that covered June 7th through August 30th, but by popular demand we updated the bulletins so that they could be used independently of any date. Defending Genesis covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • #1   Did God Really Say? : How Evolution Undermines the Authority of the Bible
  • #2 Dragon Legends & Dinosaurs : Dinosaurs and the Bible
  • #3 A World Without Excuse: Evidence of an Intelligent Creator
  • #4 After Their Kind: Baraminology & the Bible
  • #5  The Everlasting Gospel: Christ the Creator
  • #6  In Six Days: The Biblical Case for a 6-Day Creation
  • #7  Dating the Earth: The Flaw of Uniformitarian Geology
  • #8  What the Fossil Record Really Shows: Catastrophism, A Record of God’s Judgment
  • #9  The Foundation of Science: Creationism – Not Evolution
  • #10  The World-wide Flood: Global, not Local
  • #11  Noah’s Ark: Beyond Flannelgraph: Examining God’s Blueprint for the Ark
  • #12  Men in Caves: Ape-men & Cave men
  • #13  One Blood: Racism & the Origin of Differing People Groups
  • Bonus – How To Celebrate A Creation Sunday
  • Feel free to download these resources and share them with your congregation! We’ve got a lot of positive feedback on these inserts. Some folks even use them as witnessing aids and apologetics helps.

    We expect to complete our next batch of Defending Genesis inserts by Creation Summer 2010, so pray for us as we undertake this initiative! When completed, these two series combined will give churches an entire 6 months of Sunday bulletin inserts.

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    1. April 11, 2010 6:38 pm

      Mark Finkbeiner
      Creation Science Speaker
      Science Teacher

      Just to let everyone know that I have a creation science club that meets once a month at Temple Baptist church Richland WA and I speak on creation science.

      This month April 15th I will be speaking on the religion and philosophy of evolution. We get pretty good turn outs about 70 or more each time we meet. I give powerpoint presentations on creation science for about an hour and a half.

      We have snacks and drawings. For a few months I gave away model rockets and then we had a rocket shoot. I also have a creation science book and video table. Sometimes I do chemistry and physics science experiments for the audience.

      I have a huge rock and gem display and the chemistry experiments are very significant.

      You can go to my website and see some of the pictures.

      Right now I am going back to college to get a science degree at a secular university and hopefully in the near future a Ph. D.

      One of my goals for this area Tri-Cities WA is to start a Creation Science Institute and Museum

      Please pray for this ministry

      Contact Info

      If you would like to call me and just talk email me first and send me your phone number.

      I would love to come and speak at your church, school, club etc

    2. February 2, 2011 2:43 pm

      I noticed you web site and blog

    3. February 3, 2011 4:09 pm

      I have started a web site: and hope to have apologetics meetings soon in Jacksonville, Fl.

    4. January 15, 2012 10:18 pm

      Hi there
      My name is riaan

      I was just about to log off its 4 in the morning when I stumbled onto your site.

      I will definitely come back here again in the future as your site is filled with knowledge.

      I can understand that you must be a busy man but I need someone to help out wherever possible.

      I agree that the bible does not need to measure up to science for us to believe it. But I don’t think this is an answer for non believers.

      They seem to want us to measure The Bible against science. Though there are some miraculous events that just can’t be explained by science, there are many just as miraculous events in the big bang and evolution models.
      Where I believe The Bible and the big bang-evolution models differ is that The Bible correlates with all scientific principles that are fundamental to provable physics and science.

      I am in the process of formulating a scientific model in correlation with The Bible using these fundamental principles, to explain creation and the flood. At this point the main influences in this model are firstly the bible transliterated from biblical hebrew (starting with genesis obviously) science, Dr. ken hovind (the flood) and Dr. Russell Humphreys (creation).

      Now to the point. I am looking for people, you or people you know who could and or would assist in this study. I need people with more knowledge and insight than I might have. People with a religious, or scientific background.

      Please visit my site (still under construction) the blog site has only recently been started and the current pages will be finished, including the reference links, before creation day 2 is tackled
      Also pictures have not been added as of yet.

      My future plan is to extend the study as far as possible, but at least up to and a bit after the flood. Though a “bible study” section as well as “big bang vs science” section will also be added when the main study is completed. I intend to spread this message in any way possible, and plan an unregistered email newsletter to any and every email I can get my hands on. I also wish to spread this in pamphlet form, printed news, or any other form that comes within reach.

      I want this message to be as accurate and complete as possible, and so I’m seeking out help.

      I then also ask even if you cannot help me, and/or do not know someone who would be willing to I ask you then just to grant me permission to refer to your site from mine when such an opportunity does arise.

      I look forward to hear from you
      Kind regards
      Riaan visser


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