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Yourenothelping blog’s revealing critique of the atheist-founded Clergy Letter: Surprise! It’s no different than Atheism!

April 25, 2010

The anonymous bloggers over at yourenothelping have given atheist Dr Michael Zimmerman kudos for the second time for one of his HuffPo posts, The Danger of Ignoring Creationism. In this post, Michael Zimmerman keeps helping, they do have a few criticisms [they’ll likely have a few more if they’re honest considering he was just caught quote mining Answers in Genesis!], but it was the following that caught my eye:

“Religion and evolution are compatible in the sense that religious people can accept evolution just like an atheist. Their philosophical applications of evolutionary theory may be a bit muddled, yes, but the science they’re accepting (and promoting) is no different than that pressed by an atheist. That should be our goal here – making sure that the science of evolution isn’t altered. If religious people can find a means to do that, then more power to them.” [emphasis mine]

This was written in response to Dr Michael Zimmerman’s usual claims, that “Whatever you may think of religion, the fact is that the majority of religions, including a majority of Christian denominations, view evolution as being fully compatible with their faith.” He uses the Clergy Letter Project as “proof” of this claim.

I’ve critiqued this claim from the POV of traditional orthodox Christianity, but this quote from the yourenothelping guys is telling, coming as it does from the aitheist POV.

By affirming evolution as fact and the Genesis revealtion as mere “teaching stories” like Aesop’s fables, the signers of the pro-evolution Clergy Letter that atheist Dr Michael Zimmerman founded are accepting and promoting a science that is no different than the sort an atheist would accept and promote.

Now this is OK if the science involved is neutral to Scriptural revelation, like, say, the theory of gravity; but it is unthinkably arrogant to accept and promote anything in clear contradiction of God’s revealed Word – even if these claims are made in the name of science. As Pattle P T Pun, an Old Earth Creationist admitted:

“It is apparent that the most straightforward understanding of the Genesis record, without regard to all of the hermeneutical considerations suggested by science, is that God created heaven and earth in six solar days, that man was created in the sixth day, that death and chaos entered the world after the fall of Adam and Eve, that all of the fossils were the result of the catastrophic universal deluge which spared only Noah’s family and the animals therewith.” [Pattle P.T. Pun, “A Theology of Progressive Creationism,” Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation, Vol. 39, No. 1 (Ipswich, MA: March 1987), p. 14]

This is what makes the atheist-founded Clergy Letter Project so pernicious. It’s used to cow school boards by “science advocacy” [read: evolution enforcement] groups because it gives the false impression that there need be no controversy between evolution and the Christian religion; however, what is taught in scools is NOT theistic evolution but rather atheistic evolution in which discussion of God’s role is excluded from consideration. This makes our tax payer-funded government schools, in practice, little atheist factories.

The signers of this Clergy Letter of biblical compromise should consider the fruit of apostasy which evolution produces in our children, before they have to stand before the One to Whom we must all give an account and give an answer for why they caused these little ones to stumble by casting doubt on God’s revealed Word when they ought to have declared, “Let God be true and every man a liar!”

-Rev Tony Breeden

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