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Evolution Weekend’s Book Promotion Undermines Atheist Founder’s Argument For Compatibility of Evolution And Christianity

January 26, 2014

At some point over the last few years, atheist Dr. Michael Zimmerman signed me up to receive updates for his Clergy Letter Project and Evolution Weekend. I never asked for this dubious honor. Nevertheless, it is occasionally useful to me.

For example, recently, I received the following Evolution Weekend promotion:

“Dear Members and Friends of The Clergy Letter Project,

It’s not too late to sign up for Evolution Weekend 2014 – but it is getting close!  Please join with hundreds of your colleagues from around the globe to raise the quality of the dialogue about the relationship between religion and science.  To make it even easier to celebrate Evolution Weekend 2014, here’s a free book offer!

Thanks to the generosity of The Clergy Letter Project’s good friends at Polebridge Press and the Westar Institute, I have free copies of Lloyd Geering’s new book, From the Big Bang to God, to give away to help you prepare for Evolution Weekend 2014.

Polebridge Press describes this exciting new book by saying, “Until two hundred years ago, most people in the Western world believed that earth and sky were no more than six thousand years old. Then science brought that date into question. In the pages of From the Big Bang to God, Geering simply and concisely tells the story of evolution and traces the rise and fall of God as a human response to discoveries about the universe.”

The Rev. John Shelby Spong has said, “Lloyd Geering is one of the wonders of the theological world. For the past fifty years he has been a voice calling organized religion to deal with reality. This book brings theology and evolution together in a magnificent dialogue.”

You can read more about the book and you can listen to Clergy Letter Project member Rev. John Shuck interview Lloyd Geering by clicking here.

I’ll award a free copy to every fourth person who requests one until all copies are claimed. If you’re not one of those to receive a free copy, Polebridge has also generously agreed to provide a 20 percent discount to Clergy Letter Project members who order online. Simply go to and enter CLWP20 as a discount code at checkout to receive 20 percent off the normal price.“

Let’s quickly examine this promotion.

First and foremost, he’s promoting the big idea that microbes-to-man evolution and Christianity are compatible. They are not. One proposes a supernatural origins and the other an all-natural origins. They are wholly incompatible.

Secondly, he’s promoting a book by an allegedly Christian author who is a champion of evolution to help folks celebrate Evolution Sunday. [Oddly, Geering does not appear to be a signer of Zimmerman’s Clergy Letter as of the writing of this post!] Zimmerman provides a quote from Spong, who gives the author a raving review. Unfortunately, Spong is an infamous apostate of the worst sort, denying God, the resurrection of Christ and other key elements of Christianity in numerous books. So his endorsement of Geering is not at all reassuring, to say the very least.

Zimmerman likewise encourages us to listen to an interview between the author and John Shuck. As noted on this site elsewhere, Shuck is an unbelieving apostate to rival Spong. I find it odd that Zimmerman blithely continues to refer to Shuck in connection with Evolution Weekend and the Clergy Letter Project since Shuck actually undermines his credibility!

Zimmerman fails to note that Geering also authored another book with the telling title of Christianity Without God. A short list of Geering’s unbelief includes the following: God is not a personal being, there is no life after death, human beings have no eternal souls, the Bible is not infallible, Jesus was not divine but wholly human, and that Jesus’ remains lie somewhere in Palestine and that the interpretation of His resurrection as a physical resuscitation is in error.


In order to promote interest in an event that is supposed to show how Christianity and evolution are compatible, Zimmerman offers a book by a faithless apostate interviewed by another apostate and endorsed by yet another apostate. Oh, and did I mention that the book in question basically says that we made up God to explain the universe and that we don’t need this concept anymore? How is that notion at all compatible with traditional Christianity?

Yeah. Epic fail, Dr. Zimmerman.

If this is the only sort of logic evolutionists are capable of, I fully expect Ken Ham to rip Bill Nye a new one in their up-coming debate on February 4th.

In the meantime, as always, I urge you to celebrate a Creation Sunday this Feb 9th rather than this logically-challenged atheist’s proposed Evolution Sunday. I also encourage you to get involved in Question Evolution Day this Feb 12th.


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  1. January 26, 2014 8:41 am

    Thanks for the support for QED!

    Zimmerman gets no respect from me. I have documented where he is either incompetent or outright dishonest (other possibilities escape me). He attributed Question Evolution Day to Ken Ham. Uh, sorry, Skippy, Ken Ham is from Answers in Genesis. I started Question Evolution Day, and it was inspired by a different creation science organization, Creation Ministries International. He also made some other disparaging and dishonest remarks about Ken Ham. My article on that is here.

  2. January 26, 2014 9:29 am

    I actually have an entire Zimmerman File that gets continually updated. I think this atheist knows that evo and Christianity are incompatible but is willing to do whatever it takes to undermine religion for evo’s sake.

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