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Hypocrisy: Evolution Weekend’s Michael Zimmerman Calls the Creation Museum a “Theme Park” During Plea Against Name-Calling

February 9, 2013

hypocrisy-meterWell, Evolution Weekend is upon us again and atheist Dr Michael Zimmerman has written his obligatory HuffPo post promoting it. Once again, he claims that lots and lots of signatures from liberal and apostate clergy somehow prove that Christianity and microbes-to-man evolution are compatible.

Oh, he did add some nonsense about being outraged that Young Earthers are telling people they will go to hell for believing in evolution [Holy Straw Men, Batmen… NOT TRUE]. Every major creationist organization is on record as stating that you can be a Christian whether or not you believe in millions of years of evolution. Rather it’s a Biblical authority issue, not a salvation issue. But thanks for completely misrepresenting your opposition, Zimmerman.

The irony… nay, the hypocrisy is that after quoting President Barack Obama as saying, “We cannot treat… name-calling as reasoned debate,” Zimmerman makes repeated pleas for reasoned debate and against name-calling…

Only to call the Creation Museum a “theme park” in the very next breath. Way to take your own advice, Mike. You’ve reeeeeeeally elevated the discussion with your use of weasel words [aka name-calling]. Kudos.

Celebrate a Creation Sunday tomorrow instead of an Evolution Sunday.

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