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Creation Sunday 2011 & The Year of Taking the Bible Seriously

January 17, 2011

Creation Sunday 2011 [Feb 13th] is less than  a month away and we want to make sure you’re ready! and Operation: Wittenberg are urging you to make 2011 the Year of Taking the Bible Seriously. This year commemorates not only the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible, but also the 50th anniversary of the The Genesis Flood by Morris and Whitcomb, the book that rebooted the orthodox belief in a young Earth and a worldwide Noachain Flood, providing both Biblical and scientific support to the historical veracity of Genesis.

So we’re asking you to do 5 things this Creation Sunday.

[1] Post the Genesis Declaration and the first eleven chapters of Genesis to your church door this Creation Sunday and dedicate that worship service to dedicate the entire year of 2011 to the ultimate authority of God’s Word. Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the Wittenberg Church door to protest the excesses and compromises of his day. We’d like to launch a New Reformation to protest the Biblical compromise of our age.

[2] Provide your congregation with solid teaching on Scripture and Biblical science by using our free 13-week Defending Genesis church bulletin inserts. Start using these inserts the very day you post the Genesis Declaration to your door! These bulletin inserts are like a crsh course in Biblical Creationism and Catastrophism and will arm your church against the compromises of millions of years and evolution.

[3] Celebrate a Creation Sunday this February 13, 2011 rather than atheist Dr Michael Zimmerman’s proposed Evolution Sunday! If your church, school or group is hosting a Creation event during Creation Weekend [Feb 11-13], let uhow their know at and we’ll add your event to our Creation Sunday Celebration Locator so like-minded Christians in your area can also

[4] Get involved in spreading the word. Join our Creation Sunday cause on facebook at and tell your friends.

[5] If you haven’t already, we encourage you [especially if you’re a member of clergy!] to add your name to the Creation Letter, affirming the historical reliability of literal Creation Week and a worldwide Flood.

Make 2011 a year dedicated to the ultimate authority of the Bible, God’s revealed Word.

God bless you and Stay in the Word,

Rev Tony Breeden

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