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Creation Sunday Ning Network Shutting Down

May 5, 2010

It’s unfortunate, but in light of Ning’s decision to focus “100% on paying Ning Networks and will begin phasing out our free service in July,” we’ve decided to shut down the Ning Creation Sunday network at

In all honesty, we’ve been considering other solutions to the problem of organizing a grassroots network to help coordinate the Creation Sunday initiative. Ning’s perfectly reasonable decision to make its services a 100% pay site forced us to think about what we wanted to do. Unfortunately, we think Ning simply isn’t a good fit for what we hope to do; therefore we’ve decided to shut this network down at the beginning of June 2010.

That doesn’t mean we’ve given up on the idea. I still think a state-by-state grassroots movement is what God wants for the Creation Sunday initiative. In fact, we encourage you to keep connected with as we seek God’s face for how to push this initiative in the future.

Ning  users can connect with on Facebook by adding me as a Friend at or by joining the Creation Sunday cause at

You can also follow us on Twitter at

You can also check out our websites, particularly the Creation Sunday section at or sign up for the Defending Genesis newsletter which features news about my ministry and all of‘s ministry initiatives including Creation Sunday and 

Thank you to all Ning users for your continued prayer and support!

Rev Tony Breeden

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