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Are St Ambrose University Professors Afraid to Debate?

April 26, 2010

On April 23, 2010, Dr G. Charles Jackson went to speak at St Ambrose University, a very liberal and Catholic institution. Dr. Jackson is director of College Ministries for the Creation Truth Foundation. He earned his doctorate in science education at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville. More recently Jackson has become a dynamic speaker on Creation Science and is especially popular with high school and college age groups. He is also a signer of the Creation Letter and a friend of this ministry whom I have the greatest respect for.

On with it.

On the day prior to his speaking engagement, Dr Jackson sent a message to his email group, requesting prayer on his behalf. He noted he’d been invited to speak at St Ambrose, by way of Helmut Welke [President of the Quad Cities Creation Science Association], by a law professor from India who is a strong Christian.

Sadly, this law professor received a subsequent email from a music professor, criticizing him for inviting an “anti-intellectual flat-earth” person to come speak on their respectable campus. Shortly afterward, an underground group of faculty began lobbying the administration to shut down the event. As Dr Jackson opined, “So much for ‘free speech’ or ‘tolerance.'” To which I add, so much for academic freedom and personal integrity. These guys had the chance to come to the event, hear what Dr jackson had to say and refute it openly [if they were able], but instead they worked to gag dissent from Darwin without so much as a hearing.

St Ambrose Ad: Goal: Seaking Answers - Reality: Learning to Question

St Ambrose Ad

You want to hear a real irony? One of the slideshow advertisments they have on their homepage [see picture] says:

“Goal: Seeking Answers

Reality: Learning to Question.”

 Follow the link and they’ll tell you:

“Ambrose’s inclusiveness and respect for other faiths encourage every student—undergraduate, graduate and those in continuing education—to learn more about all belief systems, including their own.”

Really?? Sounds more like they don’t want to hear a blessed thing about the traditional view of Biblical Creation – and they certainly don’t want their student exposed to such Biblical truth. How about this one instead:

Goal: Inclusiveness, open-mindedness & respect for other faiths

Reality: Frothing hate-mongering intolerant opposition to the very idea of the historical veracity of the Genesis revelation.

I digress. Here’s how this sad testimony on St Ambrose’s evolutionist professors ends, from Dr Jackson’s follow-up report:

“The event at St Ambrose U was boycotted by the faculty. The campus email service refused to distribute the final announcements. A movement of faculty went to the head Father demanding that he cancel the event.

Consequently, one student, an English professor, and another professor … made up the entire campus attendance … and they were “sent” as “observers” only.

The rest of the crowd of about 20 were all friends and members of the Quad Cities Creation Science Association. All saw the presentation on “Why Do Evolutionists Fear and Censor Open Debate?”. The very event itself testified the truth of the topic!

It went well. The one sponsoring professor was delighted and gracious. He said that he did not mind putting himself in jeopardy for the Lord.

We were told that the SAU faculty were all very “open-minded” and “fair” and that during the Darwin Year events held there, anyone could come to speak from the platform who wanted to. Our sponsor professor told us that he had offered to do so but found out that even as a faculty member there, he would have to pay money for the privilege. So you have to pay money to gain equality at SAU, that is if you are not an evolutionist.

So … we learned a lot.

Maybe next year there will actually be a debate. If we can get even a single student who is not sent as a spy, to hear the message, maybe the SAU dogma might become shaken. Thank you for the prayers. But prayers do not control the hearts of men. Jesus had those same problems when He walked here in His earthly ministry, and still does. Again, thank you.”

I hope you didn’t miss that. They boycotted it and sent a smallish trio of “observers” to hear his presentation…

A presentation billed on St Ambrose’s website [under Events] as , “Creation Evidences and Why Evolutionists Are Afraid to Debate.” And incredibly they did everything in their power seemingly to prove him right, to give him an object lesson for future presentations, to demonstrate that, yes, evolutionists are scared out of their ill-used little minds to debate this issue! Or, again, as Dr Jackson himself put it,

“The very event itself testified to the truth of the topic.”

Let me be full bore honest with you [it’s what I do after all]: if I were an evolutionist, I would not hide behind such cowardice. I would not whine to administration to try to get these events shut down. I would not boycott them. If I were an evolutionist and I was convinced I was right and that the might of consensus science were behind me, I would not only do nothing to inhibit a Creation speaker, I would encourage it! I would personally invite them down to my turf. I would bait them. I would study and prepare myself. I would invite everyone I knew to be a witness to their miserable destruction. I would make darn sure no Creationist would dare set foot on my turf again for fear that I might show up. Worse, I would show other evolutionists how to do it too.

Why? Because if I believe something, it’s because I’ve examined it critically, sifted it, tested it for weaknesses, refined it and owned it. While evolutionists get a rosy one-sided public school indoctrination into evolution, a college level affirmation of the same with side course in base mockery, evasion and simple parroting. They don’t own it. It’s like comparing a kung fu master to a guy who can convincingly copy a few moves he saw in a movie. Hey darwinists! You’re kung fu is only so-so!

I think they know in their hard little hearts that the “antievolutionists” are better prepared for these things than they are. I also think they realize that an open debate will expose them for what they are. As Dr jackson noted:

“If they could get a chance to see these “liberally minded” professors who opposing me even getting a chance to speak … for what they really are — closed-minded dogmatists, perhaps even hypocrites — I think it would open the way for God’s Truth to enter into their souls.”

Way to prove his point, St Ambrose evolution debate dodgers.

-Rev Tony Breeden

See also: The Evolving post-darwin Evolutionism: Darwin’s Glass Chin, or Why Evolutionists Are Debate Dodgers.

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  1. April 30, 2010 5:17 pm

    Debate Dodgers?

    ‘Atta boy!

    Here are plenty more:

  2. May 1, 2010 2:12 am

    What a sad commentary on St. Ambrose. They are no different than the majority of colleges today who adopted secular humanist ideals following the take over of the colleges by Unitarianism. There desire to move God out of the way so they can have a life the way they create it will be their downfall. God is much much bigger than them.

  3. Bob August permalink
    May 1, 2010 1:11 pm

    I’m schocked…yes shocked that liberal humanists, masquerading as “christians” would be so hypocritical and intolerant! LOL

    Wait until Obama hears about this. They will probably be given a high position in his regime.

  4. jrobbiep permalink
    May 1, 2010 5:37 pm

    How ironic that the liberal humanists want to rant and rave about how closed-minded conservative, fundamental Christians are desstroying the minds of America in an age of openness and enlightenment. But when it comes to presenting a plausible, logical and scientifically accurate argument, the doors of open-mindedness suddenly slam shut like a angry teenager!

  5. Ebony Pearson permalink
    May 6, 2010 6:05 pm

    Though I do agree with you sir, I do not believe that it is our right to ridicule them as you have stated in the paragraph about them whining and so forth. Dr. Jackson said it all shrewdly in his letter and with hope that they can one day be in the kingdom. THAT is the goal. Spreading Christ’s words so people can know Him. Even them.

  6. May 6, 2010 11:26 pm


    Respectfully [and briefly], you misunderstood.

    The context of my statements were what I would do if I were an athiest evolutionist, not a Christian.

    But you’ve stumbled upon a pet peeve of mine. Do I have the right as a Christian to ridicule my opponent? I mean, according to the Bible, God’s revealed Word, not whatever stained-glass Sunday school maxims we’ve been saddled with.

    Are Christians Too Nice?

    Think about it,

    Rev Tony Breeden

  7. Dan permalink
    July 19, 2010 12:05 pm

    I think someone might have commented on the supreme irony of the fact that the 4th century bishop of Milan for whom this university is named, was a clear, explicit six-day creationist! A contradiction rivalled only by the case of “Calvin” College.


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