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Defending Genesis inserts updated

December 11, 2009

Just a quick note:

Today, we updated the link for our Defending Genesis church bulletin inserts. The original inserts were dated material, specifically made for our Summer of Creation 2009 initiative. The updated inserts no longer feature dates so they can be used anytime! We’ve even received feedback from folks who are using them as witnessing tools and apologetics resources for campus ministries!

The new link is:

Defending Genesis inserts give you the facts on a broad range of subjects dealing with Genesis 1-11, including Creationism, Dinosaurs, the worldwide Flood and Babel, arming you with invaluable evidence for Creation and against evolution.

All you have to do is download the free document, print and slide them into your church program or bulletin or stuff theminto your Bible for handy reference. How easy is that? You’re promoting Creationism and Catastrophism and giving your congregation valuable information that can be used when they’re asked to defend the reliability of the Bible! 

We’ve even added a BONUS fact sheet on How to Celebrate a Creation Sunday to aid your Creation Sunday 2010 celebration this February 14, 2010!

Here’s a list of the topics this series covers:

  1. #1. Did God Really Say? : How Evolution Undermines the Authority of the Bible
  2. #2. Dragon Legends & Dinosaurs : Dinosaurs and the Bible
  3. #3. A World Without Excuse: Evidence of an Intelligent Creator
  4. #4. After Their Kind: Baraminology & the Bible
  5. #5. The Everlasting Gospel: Christ the Creator
  6. #6. In Six Days: The Biblical Case for a 6-Day Creation
  7. #7. Dating the Earth: The Flaw of Uniformitarian Geology
  8. #8. What the Fossil Record Really Shows: Catastrophism, A Record of God’s Judgment
  9. #9. The Foundation of Science: Creationism – Not Evolution
  10. #10. The World-wide Flood: Global, not Local
  11. #11. Noah’s Ark: Beyond Flannelgraph: Examining God’s Blueprint for the Ark
  12. #12. Men in Caves: Ape-men & Cave men
  13. #13. One Blood: Racism & the Origin of Differing People Groups
  14. BONUS* How To Celebrate a Creation Sunday

-Rev Tony Breeden of and

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  1. December 12, 2009 10:04 am

    Thank you for your continue work in this oh so important area of Christianity. These book marks have been a wonderful evangelical and training tool. God bless.

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