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Creation Letter News: 5,000 Hits & Counting

May 31, 2009

I’m not sure how it happened, but I failed to mark the milestone of our 5000th hit to this site. Now we’re actually at 5200+ hits! [What makes this particularly exciting is that June 10th will mark the official 6 month milestone for this ministry! Incidentally, we also have 121 signatures on the Creation Letter, including 26 Clergy for Creation from 12 States and 2 European countries. As God wills it, we’ve grown – and we will continue to do so over the course of the next 6 months!]

What can I say? I’ve been busy:

 I’ve completed the 13-week Defending Genesis church bulletin insert series for our Summer of Creation initiative. Next Sunday [June 6th], churches all over the USA [and – who knows? – maybe the world] will be taking advantage of this free, downloadable resource to get involved in the Summer of Creation initiative and provide their congregations with invaluable information to help them defend a historical Genesis. The Bible is reliable, being God’s revealed Word, so that we can trust it from the very first verse of the very first Book. I really appreciate all of the positive feedback this free resource has generated! Emails I’ve received in response to these Defending Genesis church bulletin inserts have decribed it as “solid” and “handy.” Best of all, all you have to do is download them, print them out and slip them into your church bulletins. This is the perfect springboard to get your church excited about Creation Evangelism. Once their interest is sparked, you might want to consider looking over our suggestions for participating in the Summer of Creation initiative to keep the ball rolling. 

I’ve also been busy helping to plan the WV Creation Conference. This conference is free to all. Details are available at I’ll be giving two workshop presentations at this event on Saturday, August 8th at Rock Branch Independent Church in Nitro, WV.

  • The adult workshop is entitled, Creation Cryptids: Heere Be Dragones. It concentrates on cryptozoology from the Creationist point of view and specifically examines evidence for the existence of dragons, lake monsters and sea serpents as relict dinosaurs, pterosaurs and marine reptiles such as plesiosaurs and mososaurs.
  • The children’s workshop is entitled, Noah’s Ark: Beyond Flannelgraph. It goes over evidence for the world-wide Flood with lots of hands-on experiments and information on dinosaurs, dispelling the mythconception of the bathtub Ark portrayed in most Sunday School curriculums and examining God’s given blueprint for this vessel. 

On a minor note, we also have information about available at CreationWiki. Check it out.

Keep praying for this ministry! God keeps giving us ideas and opportunities!

In Christ the Creator,

Rev. Tony Breeden

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