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Creation Letter News: Newsletter Launch, Press Release & Press Kit

March 28, 2009 Launches email Newsletter

We’re very excited to offer you the opportunity to sign up for our Newsletter! We’ve sent an invitation email to everyone who signed the Creation Letter. If you join, you’ll receive the latest news about in your email, including notable signatures, speaking engagements and the latest developments in our Summer of Creation and Creation Sunday 2010 campaigns.

On a different note, we must apologize to some of the signers of the Creation Letter, who were accidentally sent a mass email from our address. We maintain a strict no-spam policy here at We again sincerely apologize for the unsolicited email some of you received. Measures have been taken to make sure it does not occur in the future.

The receipt of our Newsletter is completely voluntary. We will invite you to sign up for it, but we will not sign you up for it except by request. You can also go to to join the Newsletter.

New Press Release & Press Kit is about to begin its Spring media blitz, so please be much in prayer. God has provided us with some wonderful opportunities and lots of new signatures as of late. Just pray that we utilize them according to His perfect will!

We’ve begun sending our introductory Press Release to Christian media outlets. You can read the text of this document by downloading it at:

Feel free to pass it on to churches and media contacts in your area! We’ve also launched our new Press Kit to further accomodate the press at our site.

Tell Your Local Clergy About Us!

We also want to remind you to tell your pastors, Sunday school teachers, chaplains, youth pastors, missionaries and local evangelists that we need their help! And tell your family and friends to sign the Creation Letter, too! If you are a member of clergy who has already signed the letter, but have not yet been added to the Clergy for Creation page, please let me know! This list has been growing at a phenomenal rate lately! Let’s keep it up!

Keep praying for continued opportunities and signatures!

In Christ the Creator,
Rev Tony Breeden

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