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Creation Letter News: 100 signatures, 20 Clergy for Creation and Counting…

March 21, 2009

The Creation Letter began operations on December 10, 2008. Our goal is simple. We want to destroy any impact the pro-evolution Clergy Letter Project has.

Currently, it’s near 12,000 clergy signatures are used by “science advocacy” [read: evolution enforcement] groups to try to give the impression that there is no real conflict between evolution and religion, that it’s just a narrow few who are trying to enforce their peculiar religious views upon our educational system. It’s also used to soft-sell evolution from our pulpits on Evolution Sunday. exists to combat this misconception. Wew give pastors, youth pastors, evangelists, missionaries, Christian educators and other clergy the opportunity to answer the challenge the Clergy Letter represents.

Thus far, 20 brave and uncompromising ministers from 10 US States and 1 pastor from Gibraltar have signed their name to the Biblical Creation Letter to answer the challenge of the pro-evolution Clergy Letter’s nearly 12,000 compromising clergy. A shepherd boy named David taught us that small stones may well give us access to a giant’s sword. It matters not how small we are presently, but how big God is!

We also have 80 signatures besides, for a grand total of 100. We want to show that more Christians – and by this we mean Christians who can affirm the Apostle’s Creed in the sense that it has historically been taken – read Genesis literally, even though Michael Zimmerman’s Clergy Letter affirms that most Christians take Genesis as teaching stories in the tradition of Aesop’s fables – but not as revealed historical facts.

The Clergy Letter began in December 2004 with 188 signatures. By this date in March [3/21/09], after 4.25 years, it still has yet to crack the 12,000 mark [It stands at 11,879 clergy signatures].  We think the Creation Letter can do much better than that.

Our goal is to beat 12,000 clergy signatures by Year Four and, by God’s will, to completely surpass the Clergy Letter’s current total at that time! We serve a big God!

But to accomplish our goal and to set the supporters of evolution to silence, we need to act now! It’s not enough to agree with me. You must – especially if you are a Bible-believing minister of the Gospel – sign your name on the dotted line! You must take a stand! Sign the Creation Letter today!

–Rev Tony Breeden

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