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New Signatures, Sponsors, Summer of Creation Campaign… and a New Book Giveaway!

January 25, 2009

A lot of exciting new developments have taken place over the last week here at the Creation Letter Project!

New Creation Letter Signatures

We continue to rack up new signatures to the Creation  Letter on a daily basis.  I’d like to bring 6 notable signers to your attention:

New Sponsors

We’ve also grown in the area of sponsorship. In addition to our Founding Sponsors, the Kanawha Creation Science Group & Creation Speaker Karl C. Priest, the Creation Letter Project is now sponsored by:

Summer of Creation 2009 – Coming Soon!

Some folks have asked us what the Creation Letter Project will be doing after February 15, 2009.

We are also pleased to announce the Summer of Creation 2009 initiative. We realize that some churches may not be able to hold a Creation Sunday this February 15, 2009 due to scheduling conflicts and shortness of time. We see no reason why anyone should have to wait until 2010 to have a Creation Sunday, especially since our opposition has crowned 2009 as the Year of Darwin. In order to blunt the impact of this so-called Year of Evolution, we will be encouraging churches to hold Creation conferences, Creation VBS programs, Creation youth camps, Creation Sundays and trips to their local Creation museums during Summer 2009. This will help strengthen your church’s faith in the enduring integrity of God’s Word – from the Very First Word!

More information on this exciting new opportunity will be published after the completion of the Creation Sunday 2009 campaign!

Book Giveaway!

Refuting Compromise by Jonathan Sarfati, PhD

Refuting Compromise by Jonathan Sarfati, PhD

The Creation Letter Project wants your help to spread the word! With only 3 weeks remaining until Creation Sunday 2009 [February 15, 2009], we want to give everyone a little extra incentive to help.

To that end, we’ll be giving away a free copy of Refuting Compromise by Jonathan Sarfati. This is an outstanding book, offering tons of useful information on how to answer the arguments of Christians who have compromised their faith with evolution – like those ministers who’ve signed the pro-evolution Clergy Letter Project! We’ll announce the winner on Creation Sunday 2009, selected by random drawing.

All signers of the Creation Letter are automatically eligible for this book giveaway, so if you haven’t signed the Creation Letter yet, don’t waste another moment!

If you’d like to be eligible for an extra entry for this book giveaway, simply do one of the following:


You will receive one [1] extra entry for each verified link or email recommendation.

What We Offer 

The pro-evolution Clergy Letter Project currently has a list of nearly 12,000 ministers who affirm that evolution is true and that the Genesis record is a teaching myth like Aesop’s Fables. Since 2006, they have successfully promoted the celebration of an Evolution Sunday in churches throughout the world. The Clergy Letter Project is often cast in the faces of Creationists to insinuate that we are merely a fringe element of Christianity, because there has not yet been an answer to their challenge. Our silence is used as an admission of our alleged irrelevance.
It is disgusting that this modern-day Goliath gets to mock the people of God, flaunting the compromise of some of our ministers as if it represented the majority opinion, with no answer in kind.
The Creation Letter Project now provides an opportunity for Christians, clergy and churches who affirm Biblical Creationism to answer the challenge that the Clergy Letter represents.
To the Bible-believing Chrsitian, we provide the opportunity to stand up for a historical, literal 6-day Creation by signing the Creation Letter.
To ministers, we provide the opportunity to answer the 12,000 pro-evolution signatures of Clergy Letter Project by signing the Creation Letter and adding your name to the Clergy For Creation list.
To churches, we provide the opportunity to answer the mockery of Evolution Sunday by signing the Creation letter and advertising your intent to celebrate a Creation Sunday instead. We will also be promoting a Summer of Creation initiative in coming weeks, encouraging churches to hold Creation conferences, Creation VBS, Creation Sundays and trips to Creation museums throughout Summer 2009 to stem the tide of the Year of Darwin and equip their churches to combat the lie of evolution and defend Biblical Creationism.
To Creation organizations, businesses, ministries, speakers and authors, we provide the opportunity to Sponsor this Project. Sponsorship eligibility is open to Young Eath Creationist organizations, businesses, ministries, speakers and authors. Sponsorship entails and implies nothing more than an endorsement of the Biblical Creation Model and our mission, but it encourages others to participate and allows you to send a clear affirmation in the enduring integrity of God’s Word – from the Very First Word!
-Rev. Anthony W Breeden
on behalf of the Creation Letter Project
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