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The Creation Letter Project is Here!

December 10, 2008


We’re very excited to announce the inaugural launch of the Creation Letter Project!

This project, sponsored by the Kanawha Creation Science Group, is an initiative to combat the lie of Evolution and the compromise position of Old Earth Creationism [OEC] as popularized by Hugh Ross and the Clergy Letter Project and promote the truth of Biblical Young Earth Creationism [YEC].

We want you to get involved! Get the word out! Make a stand for the truth and literal, historical accuracy of the Genesis account. How?

  1. Add Your Name and/or Church’s name to the Creation Clergy Letter signature page!
  2. View & Download the CCLP Fact Sheets and share them with your friends, family and congregations!
  3. Invite a KCSG Speaker to give a Creation presentation at your church, youth or community group!
  4. Tell people about this blogsite!
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